What does it cost?

(And Other Frequently Asked Questions)

What Does it Cost?

We try to keep billing as simple and straightforward as possible. At TAGG, there are three main ‘buckets’ of cost: 1. when we inbound or receive product, 2. as we store your product, and 3. when we outbound or ship product.

The inbound fee is for handling product receipts and putting product away. The storage fee is monthly ‘rent’ for the amount of space your product occupies in our warehouse(s). The outbound fee is a charge for each order we process and the amount of items in that order.

Typically, the vast majority of charges our clients incur are outbound fees. There are also several charges that are ‘pass-throughs’ from other companies that are on our bill to you, mainly shipping and packaging materials. TAGG uses its volume purchasing power to negotiate rates and buy on your behalf to get the lowest possible costs.

Download our Fulfillment Cost Calculator, which will help calculate these costs.

Will it Work With my Shopping Cart?

Yes! TAGG has software that sits between your shopping cart and our warehouse management system (WMS). The purpose of this middleware is to seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform and take whatever file output it provides, then map it to our system. We typically get daily order files detailing the e-commerce orders that need to be picked, packed, and shipped. Then we send back order confirmation files which indicate an order has shipped and provides tracking information.

For more information on our process and the shopping carts we currently integrate with, click here.

How Fast Will Orders be Delivered?

Fast! We know that to compete in today’s Internet retail environment, speed is the key. Our entire fulfillment process is built around speed, and our goal is to get your customer’s order from the shopping cart to the door in just 1 – 3 days.

TAGG Ordering moves the order from your shopping cart into our system, then TAGG Processing ensures that order is picked, packaged and shipped—all of it will happen in the same day.

With multiple fulfillment locations, TAGG Shipping can reach the entire country with a 1–3 day transit time. All this means is an e-commerce customer can place an order on Tuesday, it will ship on Tuesday, and depending on where they live, arrive at their door Wednesday, Thursday, or at the latest, Friday. That’s what we call increasing your fulfillment speed limit!

What Shipping Method does TAGG Use?

TAGG partners with all the major carriers to provide a variety of shipping methods.  Our first priority is to work with our clients to understand their objectives with shipping, then pick the best method(s) which will meet those objectives.

For example, is your priority speed, cost, image, tracking ability, or a mix of all of these? Once we understand these priorities, we dig into the options. More and more of our e-commerce clients are offering a ‘standard’ or default shipping option, such as 1–3 days, and an expedited option, such as next day or 2nd day.

We recommend that our clients do not explicitly name the shipping method (i.e., UPS, FedEx, USPS), but instead offer standard and expedited options. This approach allows TAGG’s transportation management system (TMS) to shop the best shipping method possible based on the characteristics of the shipment and the priorities set by you.

For example, our system could choose the cheapest method, it could choose the fastest method, or it could choose a combination of the two. We have significant technology in place to ensure your customer’s e-commerce ships via the cheapest and fastest delivery methods available.

For more information about shipping and handling pricing, download our free resource.

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing to an expert like TAGG Logistics you are able to simplify your daily business functions and gain substantial savings that provide a measurable return on investment. We demonstrate this by focusing on all of your supply chain needs, enabling you to focus on your sales. By outsourcing to TAGG, you are able to decrease a variety of costs by gaining access to our high-volume shipping discounts, reliable IT investment and our physical infrastructure.

For more information on outsourcing, click here.

Does TAGG work with small, start-up companies?

Of course! We prefer to take the time to get to know our potential client by asking a variety of questions regarding their product, fulfillment center preferred location and daily order volume. TAGG is currently providing fulfillment and distribution services to clients ranging anywhere from 50-5,000 orders per day.

How Long Has TAGG Been Around?

TAGG entered the third party logistics industry in 2006 when it was purchased by Tod Yazdi, Gary Patterson and Gian Cavallini, helping to create the company name (Tod and Gary and Gian). TAGG also uses the idea of “TAGG…we’re it!” to define the way in which we develop outsourcing relationships with our clients, relationships based on trust, knowing as your outsourced partner, that we can handle whatever you send our way.

Can TAGG Support Both B2C As Well As B2B Fulfillment?

Yes, at TAGG we provide service in order fulfillment, also known as B2C and outsourced distribution, commonly referred to as B2B.

As a TAGG Client, Will I Have Easy Access To Your Staff?

Each client that TAGG partners with has its own dedicated client service representative. This person is solely dedicated to your account and serves as a readily available and knowledgeable resource between you and our warehouse. There are consistent lines of communication to ensure order accuracy and quickness using the most cost effective method.

Is My Account Information Available Online?

Each client has a Web Access account with their own login that allows them to see all details of their orders and inventory via real-time reporting. Each step of the process can be viewed, from inbounding and storage, to order processing. You can even see who is picking your order in real time!

Where Are You Located And Why Is This Important?

TAGG has two warehouses strategically located in the US. The main headquarters is centrally stationed in St. Louis, MO and the second warehouse, known as our west coast location, is in Reno, NV. The positioning of our warehouse allows us to reach any consumer or business in the United States in a 1-3 day transit time.

To learn more about our warehouse locations, click here.

Why TAGG? How Do I Choose?

TAGG is 100% dedicated to our clients. Our pricing is simple, transparent, and value driven. We can quote your products and service needs with no obligation required. Being that we are a medium-sized company, we have the ability to be more involved and committed to you. No one is overlooked here, and our owners have a daily presence in the warehouses and a strong personal relationship with all of our clients. We are extremely flexible and have modernized, but simple processes leaving little room for error, while being able to make immediate changes without hesitation.

To learn more about our top 10 reasons why TAGG is right for you, click here.

Do You Require A Long-Term Contract?

TAGG does not require a long-term contract, however the majority of our agreements begin with a 1-year commitment with the inclusion of an early termination option. Typically, we will send annual updates with any new information and the contract automatically renews.

Do You Offer Any Type Of Guarantee?

TAGG offers a triple guarantee! We understand that trusting a third party with your valuable products is an important decision and we respect the trust that our clients place in us to design and execute this vital part of your business. We take it very seriously and hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We are very confident in the results we deliver and because of this, if we have not exceeded your expectations at the end of 60 days we will refund your money, assist you in finding an alternative service provider, and pay to move your inventory to your new provider.

Who Do You Use To Ship Products?

TAGG partners with all major carriers to provide our clients with a variety of shipping methods. Initially, we like to work with our clients to understand their goals when shipping products and once we have that determined, we are able to recommend the best method. We have an outstanding track record with all of our carriers, allowing us to negotiate better rates for our clients. Additionally, our transportation management system has the ability to choose the cheapest, fastest, or a combination of both to ensure your product reaches the consumer as quickly and cost effective as possible.

To learn more about TAGG’s partners, click here.

Do You Offer Tracking On My Orders?

Each order shipped from our warehouse receives a tracking number that is sent with the receipt of confirmation. Depending on the shipment method that you choose, our system is fully integrated with UPS and FedEx and that order number will link to their sites so you are able to follow the shipment progress.