Quick Fulfillment For Your Allergy Slow Down

By May 4, 2014June 24th, 2014Real World Fulfillment Scenarios

Order Fulfillment by TAGG

The clock strikes 11 AM as you sit sluggishly at your desk. Each strike of your fingers causing a dreadful pulse throughout your body while you type. Each breath you take is labored and your throat feels as if a team of elves has been rubbing it with sandpaper for the past 12 hours. Then the realization sets in and you think to yourself, “These allergies will be death of me!” Next, you call your local pharmacy to see if they have your much needed decongestants and antihistamines, but they sadly tell you that the they’re out of stock. You call the next pharmacy on the list and they tell you that they’re completely out of stock too. In a final attempt to gain relief, you call the store across town, where your wallet was stolen and you vowed to never go back to again. They also tell you that they’re completely sold out. Finally it dawns on you that this is the 21st century and everything is possible with the Internet!

Your fingers happily dance across the keys and you begin to fill out the shipping information and when you thought your excitement couldn’t increase any more, you see that if you order within the next five minutes you will have your order the next day. You set the delivery address as your office and as soon as you hit enter, the electronic signals burst through the internet. From the shopping cart to the fulfillment center, your order ends up at one of TAGG Logistics’ warehouses.

Your order is then picked, packaged, and sent out for transit all while you sit at your desk and thunderously hammer away at your keys counting down the minutes until you can lay in your bed and drift off to sleep. Well, you’re stuck at your desk working and TAGG Logistics is working to clear your stuffy head. As the clock hits five, you slowly crawl to your car and dread the long commute home. Pulling the safety belt across your chest and sliding it into the buckle, you feel the pressure in your sinuses building and know it’s going to be a long a drive.

Meanwhile, as you have been making your way home, your miracle medication has been charging toward your door. From shopping cart, to fulfillment center, to truck, your order has been picked, packaged and shipped all in the same day. You drag yourself up the stairs and into your bed. As you fade into dreamland, your package is already on the road, making it’s way to your door.

In the morning you have an e-mail that your order has been shipped. You click on tracking which shows that your package has been scanned and is scheduled for delivery that afternoon. After getting yourself ready to tackle the day, you get in the car and drive to work. You settle into your desk and check the shipment just one last time. Finally, while you prepare to head out for lunch, you see a delivery person walking toward you with an unassuming brown box marked “relief.”

From start to finish, TAGG Logistics is working to bring you what you need, when you need it. Fulfillment at the speed of now!

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